Frequently Asked Questions

For guides

How does it work?

You can sign up using our registration form and we will put employment opportunities directly in front of you! This could be via email or text, and you get to nominate how frequently you would like to be contacted. Once the opportunities are in front of you, just select the ones you are interested in and submit the form. From here, we forward your expression of interest to the employer and they will reach out to you if interested in your services

How much does it cost?

As a guide, Connects costs absolutely nothing! We will contact you with opportunities and if you’re interested, will relay your details to the provider. All it takes is a few clicks of admittedly, several buttons.

Will I be employed by AusJourney

Simply put, no. AusJourney Connects functions as a networking service. We deal in connections rather than recruitment, in an attempt to empower both the guide and the provider with final say over their employment conditions. This gives both parties more control than through a recruitment agency, whilst also increasing exposure of additional opportunities for both guide and provider.

What information do I have to provide?

We ask you to provide your contact details so that we can place opportunities in front of you. We also ask for your level of qualification, approximate field days, first aid and licence capabilities so that we can forward these to a provider to assist in their processes. This is so they can do a quick lookover your experience to gauge your suitability as a guide for their programs. We offer the option to upload your resume or logbook which removes an administrative step for employers but their vetting process will identify any significant discrepancies between claims made and actual experience. We just say that we've sighted your documents and that they are relatively accurate to your claims.

What happens to my information?

This is discussed in more detail in our privacy policy but we will not disclose your information to anyone, unless you say you are interested in the program and would like to be contacted. In this event, we provide a summary of your experience and qualifications as well as your name, residential state and contact information so that providers can reach out to you regarding opportunities.

For Providers

How does it work?

As a provider, you would submit an opportunity request providing details such as the number of positions, program location, wage and what activities you will run. We will then present those details to our database to see if any guides have any interest and then will forward the contact details onto you so that you can vet and process the guides as you see fit

Is AusJourney a recruiter?

No, we are not. AusJourney Connects functions as a networking service. We deal in connections rather than recruitment, in an attempt to empower both the guide and the provider with final say over their employment conditions. Through our own past experiences across multiple industries, we have found that recruitment services tend to be a stop gap measure and one that does not leave the majority of the parties satisfied. Connects is intended to provide a more sustainable solution to your staffing woes whilst improving the ability for you to attract staff.

The best way to view us is in a similar vein to a job posting on a place like Seek or Indeed. When you post there, you're hoping that the right people see the advert to fill the position. Facebook groups are also a key place to look for opportunities but the algorithm often prevents these opportunities from appearing in front of a reliable audience.

Some of the areas that we distinguish ourselves from advertising boards include:
- a more targeted audience making sure your job posting ends up directly in front of this audience. Elaborating on this further, as many guides are often out in the field, it is very easy for them to miss opportunities. By sending it directly to their phone, they can just open it up and express interest at the click of a button
- we return a candidacy pool of interested guides (and additional details) rather than having to manage individual responses
-the ability to gather interested candidates at short notice guides are able to nominate to be contacted about opportunities as soon as it becomes available. This allows us to get an opportunity in front of staff are who willing to help almost instantly

How much does it cost?

Because Connects is in its early stages, our pricing is variable. This will change as it becomes a more established service that can deliver a candidacy pool with a greater reliability.

At this stage, place a request and if we have some guides who are interested in your work, we can arrange a payment based on that number. This could range anywhere from $30-$150 odd dollars depending on how many guides are interested.

In the future, our pricing structure will consist of an advertising fee, and then a balance if you have interested parties respond. This way, if you source staff via other means, you don't lose out majorly, and also means that if no staff are interested in working your program, you're not out of pocket as you may be through other advertising job boards. A yearly subscription for unlimited requests will also be available.

Advertising fee: $75 Contact detail release: $100 Annual subscription: $699 *Prices are exclusive of GST

What information do you forward regarding the guides?

Not only do we provide a guide's contact details so that you can get in touch, we also offer a brief overview of their experience in the field as well as first aid qualifications, driving licences and other useful information. If you think there's handy information that would help your vetting process that we currently do not provide, please get in touch and we can look to implement in our registration.

Can i contact guides from previous submissions?

Of course! We’re aiming to ease the availability and transparency of opportunities for both employer and employee. But if you ever need a top up for your own casual staff, you know where to find us!

Do you offer any guarantees?

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee much from an employee or employer perspective as all we offer is the chance to network. From there, contract negotiations could break down from either side. We've taken this approach deliberately as having used recruiters (who guarantee a supply of staff) in the outdoor industry as well as other industries has often left us rather disappointed in the service. We also know guides who have been recruited out have also felt shafted.

We view Connects as a compromise that may require a little more work initially (vetting, interviewing etc) but the end results should be a better fit for both parties - and not only a more sustainable but hopefully cheaper option than a recruiter.