Frequently Asked Questions


Are AusJourney's Adventurous Journeys Practice or Qualifying?

We take participants doing either their practice or qualifying Adventurous Journey on the same hike. With the expectation that qualifying participants take more of a leadership and mentoring role within the group.

Do i need my Award Leaders permission before i enrol on an Adventurous Journey?

Yes, you must have your Award Leader's permission before coming on one of our hikes. This is because they are responsible for signing you off once your entire Award is completed.

how do i get my adventurous journey signed off once i finish my hike?

1. Sign in to The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award ORB here .

2. Go to the Adventurous Journey section and submit your sign off request to

3. Email your Adventurous Journey report to

I am unsure what clothing and equipment i need to bring

Please see our clothing and equipment list here.

Do you need to purchase gear? AusJourney, in partnership with OnePlanet, have created a simple and easy online ordering system where you can select all your clothing and equipment needs and have them delivered to you. All clothing and equipment are discounted on RRP. Please see the website here.

Does the group walk together?

We divide our Adventurous Journey groups into smaller ‘navigation groups’ of between four and seven people to meet Duke of Ed requirements. These ‘navigation groups’ work together as a small team and share the roles and responsibilities of outdoor hiking and camping, as required by the Award.

Where can i go if i need help writing my report?

Please see The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s ORB User Guide here .

can you help me upload my Online Record Book (ORB)?

Please see The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s ORB User Guides here. If you have any questions about the ORB, or if you are having any issues uploading your report, please contact the ORB help desk .

when can i expect my invite TO JOIN the FACEBOOK GROUP

All participants will receive their Adventurous Journey information 2-3 weeks prior to commencement, this will include an email invitation to join the private Facebook group.


What is AusJourney's position during COVID-19?

We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to provide updates to you as appropriate. Our approach is to manage the situation in a balanced, calm and measured way, and when required act swiftly and communicate clearly. For further information on the changes we have made to our operations, please see our blog here.

What happens if there is a natural disaster (bushfire, flood etc.)?

Our 24/7 Adventurous Jouney coordinators are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all our participants, accompanying adults/teachers and staff. Coordinators check-in twice a day with instructors to ensure they are aware of all weather conditions including natural disasters (bushfires, floods etc.) and hikes are adjusted accordingly. We also have dedicated safety procedures to cater for a variety of situations including severe weather warning conditions.


No, Adults can be seen as authority figures and may impact the dynamics and learnings of the group.

what are the sleeping arrangements for your coed groups?

Our groups are either single gender or coed. If groups are coed, we ask that males and females* sleep separately.

*we recognise that not all people identify as male or female, therefore we ask that you select your assigned gender at birth for sleeping arrangements.

Please feel free to contact us regarding pronouns or if you have any questions.