Welcome to AusJourney Connects!

We understand the challenges that can come with finding work in the outdoor education and tourism industry and that's why we have introduced AusJourney Connects!
We want to help you find your next employment opportunity in the Outdoor Education and Tourism Industries across Australia. This could be as an active or inactive guide, program coordinator, school teacher, accompanying adult, or outdoor leader.
To do this, AusJourney needs to capture some information about you and your outdoor experience to help connect you to providers. The following form will capture your contact details, availability and willingness to travel, hard and soft skills, field experience, as well as which activities you are qualified to run.
If you have experience and want opportunities to coordinate programs, we will gather this information too.

Please note, at no point will you be employed by AusJourney. AusJourney Connects provides a service that acts as an an 'employment matchmaker'. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy which explains why we collect your personal information and how we will use it.
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