Participants will advance their navigation, teamwork and decision-making skills whilst under the supervision of our Instructor. Qualifying participants will be expected to demonstrate their leadership capabilities whilst mentoring practice participants.


Location & Duration

Helensburgh to Heathcote (Royal National Park, Sydney)

*Itinerary and COVIDSafe plan available upon request


Temporary Changes to Adventurous Journeys due to COVID-19

01 May – 31 December 2020 - To support participants during this challenging time and to encourage young people to stay active, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia has implemented some temporary changes to the Award requirements. 

We are excited to cater for these changes and, with your Award Leaders permission, deliver 1 day Bronze and 2 day, 1 night Silver and Gold Practice Adventurous Journeys.

Please note, all shorter practice Adventurous Journeys come with criteria that need to be considered. These are:

  • Demonstrated competence by the group throughout the hike, the environment (location) and conditions (time of year);
  • Demonstrated overnight simple self-catering/camping experience;
  • Demonstrated positive team dynamics; and
  • Approved by the Award Leader.

Adventurous Journey Inclusions and Exclusions

AusJourney provides:

  • Instructor for a fully supervised Adventurous Journey;
  • Campsites and all relevant licences and permits for areas used;
  • Duty of Care, including First Aid and emergency support;
  • $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance;
  • Communication equipment;
  • Maps and compasses for the hike; and
  • Facebook page to ‘meet’ and 'collaborate' with other participants pre journey.

You provide:

  • Transport to and from the Adventurous Journey location;
  • Food for the entire duration of the journey;
  • Clothing and camping equipment, as per our Clothing and Equipment List;
  • Any prescribed personal medication; and
  • Journal, pen and camera (if you wish to take photos/videos)

Please note, some routes are not accessible by public transport, therefore, you will be required to make your own way to and from the journey.

New South Wales (NSW)

(Public transport accessible unless otherwise specified)

  • Royal National Park
  • Heathcote National Park
  • Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
  • Berowra National National Park
  • Brisbane Waters National Park (not accessible by public transport)
  • Blue Mountains National Park

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

  • Namadgi National Park (not accessible by public transport)
  • Murrumbidgee Discovery Trail (not accessible by public transport)
  • Canberra Centenary Trail


Please download our Clothing and Equipment Checklist to assist you with your preparation.


We recommend  that you have two sets of clothing; one to wear while walking and one to wear at night. Polypropylene, wool/merino and any outdoor 'quick dry' clothing are the best options and are preferred over cotton and non-breathable synthetics. 
With footwear, trainers/running shoes are fine, however hiking boots with ankle support are best. Please ensure you wear your shoes in before the hike as they can cause hot spots or blisters. 

Do you need to purchase gear? AusJourney in partnership with OnePlanet have created a simple and easy online ordering system where you can select all your clothing and equipment needs and have them delivered to you. All clothing and equipment are discounted 15-30% on RRP. Please see the website here and type in AusJourney for your discount. For more information, please see our blog.


Please download our Food Guidelines to assist with your menu planning and food preparation.


  • Click here, to see a short video on how to waterproof your sleeping bag from our partners at OnePlanet; and
  • Click here, to see a short video on how to pack your backpack from our partners at OnePlanet.

Are AusJourney's Adventurous Journeys Practice or Qualifying?

We take participants doing either their practice or qualifying Adventurous Journey on the same hike. With the expectation that qualifying participants take more of a leadership and mentoring role within the group.

Do i need my Award Leaders permission before i enrol on an Adventurous Journey?

Yes, you must have your Award Leader's permission before coming on one of our hikes. This is because they are responsible for signing you off once your entire Award is completed.

how do i get my adventurous journey signed off once i finish my hike?

1. Sign in to The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award ORB here .

2. Go to the Adventurous Journey section and submit your sign off request to

3. Email your Adventurous Journey report to

I am unsure what clothing and equipment i need to bring

Please see our clothing and equipment list here.

Do you need to purchase gear? AusJourney, in partnership with OnePlanet, have created a simple and easy online ordering system where you can select all your clothing and equipment needs and have them delivered to you. All clothing and equipment are discounted on RRP. Please see the website here.

Does the group walk together?

We divide our Adventurous Journey groups into smaller ‘navigation groups’ of between four and seven people to meet Duke of Ed requirements. These ‘navigation groups’ work together as a small team and share the roles and responsibilities of outdoor hiking and camping, as required by the Award.

Where can i go if i need help writing my report?

Please see The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s ORB User Guide here .

can you help me upload my Online Record Book (ORB)?

Please see The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award’s ORB User Guides here. If you have any questions about the ORB, or if you are having any issues uploading your report, please contact the ORB help desk .

when can i expect my invite TO JOIN the FACEBOOK GROUP

All participants will receive their Adventurous Journey information 2-3 weeks prior to commencement, this will include an email invitation to join the private Facebook group.